Alstrom Point Elopement

As with so many weddings originally planned for 2020, Leah and Greg had to make the tough call to postpone their big wedding celebration plans to 2021. Rather than wait another full year to get married though, they made the decision to still have a small, private ceremony this year. In order to keep their family safe, they elected to not have me their to photograph the ceremony but still wanted to do something special. Since they had just moved to Utah, we all decided to plan a fun day touring southern Utah and have an epic day exploring and getting some amazing photos.

We started before sunrise at Basecamp 37 just outside of Kanab, Utah. We met up at about 4:30 am at their tent and shared some coffee before getting ready and having their first look. From their we headed off for Alstrom Point which overlooks Lake Powell. Alstrom Point is has some absolutely breathtaking views but it’s a bit of an adventure to get there! Arriving at Alstrom Point required about 24 miles of off roading to get there. If you think you’re going to get their in your two wheel drive sedan, think again. The Ford Explorer we used got worked hard to get there, particular the last two miles where it gets really rough. But if you’re willing to put in the effort it’s completely worth the experience, privacy, and amazing photos!

After we wrapped up at Alstrom Point we made our way back east to go explore Wire Pass Slot Canyon. Leah and Greg are love rock climbing and bouldering so this was a natural playground for both of them and Greg couldn’t resist have a little fun! After exploring a bit of the canyon we were all a bit famished and ready for a meal, so we wrapped up and made our way back to Basecamp 37 to enjoy a meal and a couple of drinks.

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