Forest Park Engagement Session

While planning for their engagement session, Nicole sent over some example photos for the type of location she envisioned for their shoot. The examples she sent over were definitely not your typical Chicago view. Lots of tall grass, rolling hills, and open space. I knew of some locations that could work an hour or so outside the city but wanted to see if I could find something a bit closer. Enter Miller Meadow in Forest Park. 

I swung by and checked it out in person before and I was a bit unsure at first as I originally came in through the North entrance. However, as I continued to hike in a bit further south it started to open up and found the spot! To most, it probably wouldn’t look like much, but I knew with the right light and the right angles I could make this place look amazing!

Leading up to the day of the engagement session the weather was forecast to be warm and full of sun. Perfect! I thought to myself and could already imagine the epic backlit photos. 

The day of the session the weather decided to make a last-minute change of mind and blanket our day in clouds and light rain. Typical Chicago weather, right!? After a quick chat, we collectively decided to press and shoot anyway, and I’m so glad we did! Even though the sun never peaked its way out, the moody overcast skies provide a beautifully even soft, and almost romantic light. 

We made our way through Miller Meadow, photographing at the spots I had picked out earlier and along the way. Nicole and Drew were amazing! Despite their claims of not being super comfortable in front of the camera, they quickly opened up – full of smiles, laughs, and playfulness. In the end, I couldn’t wait to get home and edit these photos cause I knew we had some gems!

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