About Me


Hey, I’m Kevin, a wedding and portrait photographer based out of Chicago & Naperville along with my dog, an energetic Siberian Husky named Qi’ra (nerdy Star Wars reference). I’m a lifelong Chicago native, Cubs fan, and coffee geek.

When I’m not behind a camera I’m usually planning my next travel getaway or at the very least just trying to get out and be active. Well that, or lounging in my sweats trying to catch up on photo edits and emails. To be honest it’s probably more that second one, lol.

My Photography Origin Story

(or something like that.)

I wasn’t one of those kids that grew up with a camera and absolutely knew I wanted to be a photographer when I grew up. There were always creative outlets that I enjoyed, whether it was drawing or playing guitar, but photography was something that came to me a bit later in life.

After going to college and getting an engineering degree at the University of Illinois down in Urbana-Champaign I settled into cubicle life as an engineer. As much as I loved engineering and the analytical, I missed having some form of creative outlet and started to pick up photography for fun.

Once I got going I became obsessed with photography and really deep dived into it. As time went on, my passion for taking photos became pretty apparent to all who knew me and eventually I started getting asked to do portraits, then engagements, and eventually my first wedding.

That first wedding was both terrifying and fun at the same time. I immediately loved the feeling of documenting moments that mattered and that would be cherished for life. The purpose and creative challenge wedding photography provided was exactly what I needed and continue to enjoy everyday.





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