How to Prepare for Your Engagement Photos

If you’re completely confused as to how to go about how to prepare your engagement session, then I’m here to help. Below you’ll find some great tips for prepping for your engagement photos and get the most of your session!

Timing – When to Start Prepping for Your Engagement Photos

Depending on the time of year that you get engaged, you may want to schedule your engagement photos right away or wait a while before getting them done. This part is completely up to you and there’s no wrong answer. However, if you would like to incorporate your engagement photos into your save-the-date invitations, try to schedule your shoot no later than seven or eight months before your wedding date. This allows time for your photographer to edit and deliver the photos after the shoot as well as time for you to design, order, and mail your invitations. Otherwise just plan setting your shoot for a season that matches your vision of what you would like your photos to reflect.

Engagement Photos Location

Before reaching out to your photographer to setup your engagement session, spend a little time thinking about any locations that might have some special meaning to you. If there’s a specific place you’d like to shoot, let your photographer know as soon as possible. This way they can look into whether any permits are required and if so, can begin the process of obtaining one. Even if there aren’t any specific spots that come to mind, think about the type of environment you’d like to shoot in. Do you picture your photos in a more natural environment? Or are you more of an urban/city couple? Once you have some ideas, ask your photographer for recommendations that fit that type of environment.

What to Wear

But what should you wear? How many outfits? Patterns or solids? Agghh! When it comes to prepping for your engagement photos, this is likely the most stressful part. Honestly though, don’t make more of it than you need to. My biggest recommendation is to keep it simple.

Limit Yourselves to Two Outfits

I find that one or two outfits are all you need for a successful shoot. If you decide to do two outfits, bring one slightly dressed up set and one that’s more casual and laid back. If only doing one outfit, go with the more dressed up look.

Pro Tip* Place your second outfits into a backpack or tote bag that your photographer can easily carry. This will allow them to capture those in-between moments of you when walking from location to location and not have your bags in each shot.

Be Comfortable but Be YOU

Wear clothes that you’re comfortable and confident in. Not much to really say here, I think we all know the feeling of confidence that comes with wearing that outfit that makes us feel our best. Follow that feeling. Also, don’t be afraid to let the real you show through. If you’re huge Cubs fans and want to wear your jerseys, then be sure to bring them as your casual outfit.

Compliment Each Other

Lay out your outfits next to each other and make sure you both compliment each other. If in doubt, stick to more neutral tones and solid patterns. That said, don’t go too far. Some couples go to the other extreme and choose outfits that match a bit (a lot) too much.

Prepping for the Season

Maybe you really wanted that Summer engagement session but it just didn’t work out due to your schedule and now it’s deep into fall and the temperatures are dropping. Embrace it. Go with fall colors and patterns, layer up and be cozy. If you try and fake it to make it look like a Summer shoot, you’ll likely just look cold and end up cutting your session short.

Don’t Over Think It

I can’t stress this part enough. When it comes to prepping for your engagement photos, don’t over think it. At the end of the day you’re engaged to the one you love. Just show up and be you. If possible, try and forget the photographer is even there and let them capture you just being you. Whether your personalities are serious, goofy, romantic, or a blend of all of them, the best photos are the authentic moments of the two of you interacting with each other naturally. So take a deep breath, exhale, and enjoy the moment!

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