Do I Need a Second Photographer?

A common question I get from a lot of couples is “Do I need a second photographer at my wedding?”. A good photographer should be able to capture your day as a solo shooter, however there are still some great reasons to consider booking a wedding package with two photographers. Below you’ll find four reasons why I think you should consider a second photographer for your wedding day.

Reasons to Have Two Photographers at Your Wedding

1. Two Photographers at Your Wedding Can be More Efficient

Your photographer can probably do some amazing things with a camera, but one thing that they can’t do is be in two places at the same time. Having two photographers at your wedding allows your photo team to better capture concurrent events. One example is bride and groom prep. Often these occur at two different locations at roughly the same time. For a single photographer to capture both you’ll likely need to extend your timeline, but this could also add cost to your day. Your photographer could also leave bride prep early, but this could mean missing some great photos such as a first look with parents.

Another example is right after the ceremony when you’re doing family photos and couples portraits. Your primary photographer will be with you capturing those photos, while your second photographer can be off getting beautiful detail photos of the reception space before it fills with guests. During this time the second can also be capturing amazing candids of all your guests mingling during cocktail hour.

2. Two Photographers Can Provide Two Perspectives

This one has two meanings. First, you literally get two different angles, viewpoints, or perspectives during many key parts of the day. For example, during the ceremony your main photographer will be focused on ensuring they get the safe and expected shots. During this time though, your second can be focused on reactions and the smaller details. Or during formal family photos after the ceremony, your second photographer can be photographing friends and family enjoying cocktail hour.

Second, you get the perspective of two different creative minds. Much like a fingerprint, no two artistic minds are exactly alike. While your lead photographer may see one great shot, it may inspire the second to see something else completely different but equally as unique and beautiful.

3. A Second Photographer is a Backup

It may be rare, but injuries and sudden bouts of sickness can happen. Having a second photographer at your wedding also means you have a backup plan incase your lead photographer becomes seriously injured or sick the day of your wedding. A good second can pick up where the lead left off and continue to cover the remainder of your wedding. This way you’re not left stranded in the middle of your wedding day without any photography coverage.

When you’re booking your photographer, be sure to ask about who they bring along as second photographers. Make sure they only bring experienced photographers as their second photographers. Ideally you want your second photographer to be someone more than capable and experienced enough to pick up and run the show if something happens.

4. Your Second Photographer is Also an Assistant

Another great reason for having a second photographer at your wedding is that they can act as an assistant to your lead. They can help move gear, rearrange a room, gather together family for a group photo, hold down lights so they don’t blow over, and the list goes on. All these things can help make your primary photographer more efficient and free up brain power to concentrate on capturing the best photos they can of you and the rest of your wedding day.

Reasons Not to Have Two Photographers at Your Wedding

Although two photographers are a great option for many couples, they’re not always necessary. Below are a few examples of when you can skip on booking a second photographer for your wedding day.

1. Your wedding is smaller than average

If you holding a smaller, more intimate wedding of 75 guests or fewer, then a second photographer may not be needed. A single photographer should be capable of covering all the main events of

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