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I had the privilege of photographing Erin and Ryan’s wedding back in July. Erin got ready at the Hilton Milwaukee City Center before heading over to Pritzlaff Events for their ceremony and reception. Below you can find more information about weddings at Pritzlaff Events.

Pritzlaff Building History

The Pritzlaff Events venue sits inside what was previously part of the larger Pritzlaff Hardware Company complex. At one point the complex was a sprawling campus comprised of 16 building, however today only 6 survive. Today’s wedding venue utilizes two of the remaining buildings while the others are occupied by office spaces, retail business, co-working spaces, and even an apartment complex.

The original hardware business existed from the late 1800’s into the 1950’s when the Pritzlaff Hardware Company shut down operations. After that the space was used by Hacks Furniture until the 1980’s. The following decade found the building relatively unused until the mid 2000’s when the space began to be renovated into what it is today.

Event Spaces at Pritzlaff Events

Pritzlaff has multiple event spaces available for weddings, including both indoor and outdoor options. The first floor indoor space is primarily used for receptions and has a open floor plan allowing for lots of layout options. Just outside this space is an outdoor area that can support both outdoor ceremonies and your cocktail hour.

If you would prefer an indoor ceremony option, there is a beautiful second floor space with huge windows that makes for a beautiful setting for your ceremony. The advantage here as well is that it provides distinct locations for each part of the wedding day allowing vendors to set up easily without having to flip spaces.

Pritzlaff Events Wedding Cost

Pritzlaff Events doesn’t make venue costs publicly available. To get an estimate you’ll need to contact them directly.

Pritzlaff Events Wedding Photos

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