Should You Tip Your Wedding Photographer

A lot of couples get caught off guard when it comes to tipping their wedding vendors. It’s often just not something they’ve considered until they hear someone else mention it. With some vendors, like your hair or makeup artist, it may make more sense to you to tip. But, should you really be tipping your wedding photographer?

The short answer is no, you do not need to tip your wedding photographer. As photographers, we already price our services to cover our costs. Unlike other industries we don’t rely on tips to meet our financial needs or goals. It’s not that we don’t appreciate the gesture, and if a tip is offered I personally will graciously accept, but it’s not necessary nor ever expected. If you feel your photographer has exceeded your expectations throughout, you can of course tip, but don’t feel pressured that it’s something you MUST do.

How Much Should I Tip My Wedding Photographer?

If you’ve decided you do want to tip your photographer, the next logical question is how much should you tip them? There is no set amount for tipping a photographer. It’s not something we’re going to ask you about, and it’s up to your discretion how much or little you want to tip. That said, the 20% rule doesn’t apply here. You’ve already paid for a high a dollar service so a flat amount between $100-$200 is a perfectly reasonable amount.

Other Ways to Support Your Photographer Instead of Tipping

There are other ways to support your wedding photographer besides tipping them. Most photographers offer high quality prints, memory books or albums in addition to digital files. Instead of buying a poor quality album elsewhere consider investing in your memories by purchasing a high quality album or wall art through your photographer.

Also never underestimate the power of reviews. If you can’t afford printed artwork, leave a review on Google or The Knot (or both!). This will do more for your photographer than you may realize and is the BEST way to ensure they get hired by other clients in the future. Reviews are EVERYTHING for any small business!

Speaking of other clients, also consider referring your photographer to a recently engaged friend or family member. Advertising and marketing is expensive, but a referral is the best marketing your photographer can get!

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